95th Career Title, 8th Basel Title Roger Federer

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Persistence, hard work, motivation and the spark to keep going. There are many more qualities that carry forward any Sportsperson. So is with the world renowned and celebrated Tennis Player Roger Federer. Going through a number of ups and downs, the player not only proved that he can perform better even if he’s under pressure, but also the fact that he’s worthy of the title he earned!


 The journey from being just Roger towards being the 95th career title winner, Roger Federer.

The world number 2 tennis player Federer had the knack for the game since his early childhood days. Just at the age of 8, the now ranked 2 worldwide, felt his affinity towards soccer and tennis, which later just was for tennis as his natural instinct worked for it and was beyond belief.

Could this be believed, a boy at the age of 11 was among the Top 3 tennis players of Switzerland. And since 14, his practice session started and continued for six hours a week with 3 hours of additional practice, resulted in becoming the National Junior Champion of Switzerland.

Record-Setting session: Begins 1998

It was the year 1998 when the junior champion turned to be a Professional Tennis player, securing his first win in the Wimbledon boys’ Singles and Doubles title.

And here begins the series of trophies, wins, titles, and fame.

It was in 2001, 2003, and 2004, where he continuously kept winning tournaments after tournaments, getting Grand Slams, and Wimbledon. These matches not only provided him the atmosphere to sharpen his skills but also built his confidence and gaming tactics.

It was until the year 2005, he had secured three successive Wimbledon wins, which named and ranked him to World Number 1. He held on to the number 1 ranking till 2008 and also secured several other wins such as Singles Champion at Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open.

It continued for years and came to downfall, the other players overpowering him and taking his first position away!

This continued…

Getting over, winning some and losing some. What he didn’t do was, give up on himself.

He believed and he got back on with a bang!

Time after time again, medal after medal. Title after title. He was a winner, a champion once again.

Federer wins his 95th career title.

Roger Federer has overtaken Lendl by winning his ninety-fifth career singles title after beating Juan Martin del Potro in 3 sets in the final of Swiss Indoors in Basel, his hometown.

It is Federer’s seventh title of the year making it the first time he accomplished it in a decade.

Del Potro was on associate eight-match streak having won in Stockholm week passed by, provided stern resistance within the 1st set, saving six break points.

Both serves broke twice before it came down to a tiebreak, wherever Del Potro pounced.

Federer set a brand new record, winning his eighth Wimbledon title in a very 6-3 6-1 6-4 setting up a good defeat score for his opponent. Thirty-five-year-old Federer conjointly became the oldest men’s champion within the Open era.

It is clear enough for one and all to get inspired and motivated by this brilliant example of the man who went through the toughest times in his life and yet came over all of it and got what was his!!

Hearty Congratulations to Roger Federer!!

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