Being no.1 is a tough job! Here’s the recipe.

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Being no.1 is the best feeling one ever gets used to. But to reach that position one needs to go through a number of hardships. Hardships make you stronger and smarter with the decisions you make in life. They make you powerful and the wit of a winner. It is the contribution of the ones who’ve taught you, are teaching you, your parents, you yourself for letting go through and turn into a shiny diamond.

It is no miracle to achieve that position. Anyone can. But it requires right guidance, motivation, inspiration, and a spark in the soul to go higher and be where every other person aspires to be.

There are many people who need that recipe to be revealed to reach that no.1 position. Well, here we are unveiling the recipe for all. Pay special attention to the ingredients, if put in the right proportion will bring about a result so good that you might not even recognize that you made it! You made it this far!


First and foremost, mind makeup.

Mind makeup. Doesn’t mean exactly how it sounds. You need to develop a mindset for this and look out for any distractions that might come in your way. Making your mind isn’t as easy as well. Nothing like you say something and yeah, yeah you’ve made up your mind. No, it is about looking at the obstacles you might face after choosing a path, the time you need to dedicate to be an expert, a number of reality checks needed to gauge your performance and so much more. It needs to be thought over. Deep thoughts!

Try Harder

If you fail, doesn’t mean you ought to give up. Giving up is for losers, not for you. We’ve heard of the famous saying, “Try and try until you gain.

It was not meant just to say, but to follow as well. Even the fledgling, who are learning to fly and hunt like its mother, fails a number of times. But doesn’t give up. It keeps trying until he’s learned how to fly and also learned how to hunt.

Trying never stops, it never lets you down. One day or the other you get up after falling the eight-time and you run again!

Make Friends with your Competition

Even in the fiercest of the games, rivals shake hands and even compliment for the better game-play they saw in each other. If you view your competition as industry colleagues rather than antagonists, you may be able to learn from them and eventually grow unencumbered.

Remember that no matter how massive your industry or how big you want your business to grow to be, there is almost constantly room for a couple of gamers. Even if you are the second-to-market enterprise chasing down number one, it might not be long before number 3, four and five are hot in your tail as well. The secret’s to usually outwork and out-innovate the opposition, and maintain high-quality relationships with your industry to preserve all doors open within the destiny.

Believe in yourself, you’re the best

Believing in yourself is one crucial point in life. If you yourself don’t believe that you’ll be able to do something and that one day you’ll reach the top, then, nothing’s going down the same way as it would have been.

You need to believe in yourself. We’ve all heard of the famous “Law of Attraction” and how it works.

Want it to work for you? Then, believe in yourself, you’re the best!!

Last but crucial, Commitment

This ingredient is crucial for the recipe to reach no.1 position. One must stay committed and should not give up as easily as it takes it to be. There will be many obstacles on the path to accomplishing a worthwhile goal. When those obstacles appear it’s really easy to lose the belief and thus the motivation to continue on the same path.

Commitment is a binding pledge that obligates you to assume a position or carry out a course of action.  Making a commitment to what you do—whether in your personal life or your professional life—is one of the most fundamental principles of success.


These ingredients if taken in the right proportion will give you the excellent and mind-blowing recipe in the form of being no.1. Then will you say, “Being no.1 is a tough job!”

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