Digital Media Taking over Sport

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As soon as the word “Digital Media” springs, we’re all clouded by the thoughts of Facebook, Google, Yahoo and so many more of the same sort. But have we ever wondered or even given a little thought to how these digital media platforms are transforming us all?

Probably none of us ever wondered or gave a thought to this.

Well, building the theme to what I slowly wish to convey, let’s begin.

How digital media took over sports?

We’re now in the olden days, where our parents usually take us to. A time forgot in the past. A place with none of this what we have today. No technological advancements, none of this social media platforms and not even the many hashtags we use today.

A place where mobiles, televisions, and technology hadn’t taken over the reality, which now it has.

Back then when people were more into physical activities than virtual. If we look at the beauty of it, people actually moved out their houses and played with aggression, love for the game and enthusiasm. And now, it’s completely the reverse of those days. People now spend more time in the virtual world than the real.

Virtual Gaming High Score vs Real Gaming High Score- A Conundrum.

Where are we? The answer is, “still stuck in those days where our parents lived”.

Then why not come back to the Reality. It’s the 21st Century and we live among the best of what the era has seen.

The technology and social media, digital media and all the fancy play stations we own, the high scores we have and so much more. Isn’t it a little too overwhelming?

We’re so much into the Virtual Gaming and their high scores that we’ve completely forgotten about our health!

Yes, Health. What are we without any of it? What benefit will any of the high scores in the virtual world do to our health?


Virtual gaming

Indeed nothing. We’re nothing without our health and by this, I do not intend to say that we ought to leave the virtual gaming world. But what harm could the real Gaming world do?

Nothing, again.

In fact, it’ll be more to our advantage. Imagine you’ll be outdoors in the bright and right light of the sun, wind blowing past you and there you are all sweaty and ahead of the rest in the field playing and building yourself.

See, imagining only could make you feel so much happy and fit, then what would it be for real. Just think.

The simple fact that we’re here trying to convey is to maintain your real-world Gaming score as well, and not just your virtual world game score. It will not only help you feel better but will also make you a healthy being. Being healthy will be not the only perk that you’ll enjoy. You’re going to make new friends, actual friends and will increase your social circle.Virtual gaming turns to real world sport

Once your real-world Gaming score reaches a certain level and you gain the expertise you’ll be one of those sports stars that you sit and admire. Wouldn’t that be fantastic!!

Give it a thought: Benefits of Real-world Sports

There are several benefits of sporting in the real world, and it also teaches us a great deal about life.

Discipline, Teamwork, Hardships and the truth about success and failure, the ability to cope with both, and Value of practice and preparation, goal setting and in turn achieving them with grace and more.Sports

Whereas what do you really learn in the converse of real sports?

It is not bad at all to spend your time with the digital media which has taken over the majority of the sporting world, but it now becomes necessary even to maintain a healthy and good life which will be received by the real world sports.

Friend Colony helps you achieve both. Stay updated with the scores and display them in the Digital media world, at the same time it lets you find players to play with, in your area.

Want to maintain a balance between both virtual world scores and real-world sports?

Come, Find your sports partner at Friend Colony.

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