FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017

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It was in the early days of October 2017, when the battle to win the title of super footballing team of the world began, the major game we were all looking out for, FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017. One after the other, matches began and ended. Each giving a winner at the end. But what the world was looking for was something bigger, better and magnificent.

And so it did. After the rigorous fight between the beasts of the game, the world did get a winner on the 28th of October and it indeed was a glorious moment for all. The series witnessed attendance record break, super fantastic game tactics, and complete display of emotions and aggression.

Highlights of the FIFA U-17 Final Game

On Saturday evening all of the chaos and waiting came to an end with the first all European final in the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017. It was for England and Spain to settle the score and were set to battle for what was for the winners’ title.

The match was held at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata and the stadium was all full, with jubilant and energetic people. Cheering and motivating their teams, singing songs, lighting up mobile screens when one of the teams made a goal. The sight was magical, phenomenal, nothing like anything we’ve witnessed before.

It was amazing, one after another. Goal after Goal. Each did score.

But the competition was tough. Really tough to manage and put up with Team England. The second half of the game proved to be most challenging and one fierce match to be seen.

It was Marc Guehi to score the goal, making it a clear close for the win when the score reached 3-2 for England. These were the last few minutes where Spain was about to score one, England defending the same and looking out for more opportunities on the counter.

Spectacular Moments

It was in the early evening when the stadium lit up with a more than sixty thousand screens and then when England was closing in for their maiden FIFA U-17 World Cup. Starting then and till the end, it was like a festival. So many people celebrating together.

The sight couldn’t have been more of a spectacle when Rhian Brewster won the golden boot after top-scoring with eight goals for England.

Brazilian goalkeeper Gabriel Brazao was the golden glove winner while the golden ball was awarded to England’s Phil Foden.

Who would have thought that England would be winning the U-17 and U-20, when in the beginning of the series?

But here they are, winning and rejoicing.

Football, FIFA whichever you wish to choose, but both have done a single task which the entire world looks out for.

Binding us all into a single strand of peace, harmony, and co-operation. It is through sports that one learns to be disciplined and at the same time learns to remain in harmony and work in partnership.

We should all try to instill these values within ourselves and turn this Sporting festival not just for a few nations, but a festival for the entire world.

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