Asia Hockey World Cup 2017

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We’ve heard of this one, probably. Haven’t we before?

Oh, sure we did. Remember the Hero advertisements we used to get in the ad-breaks during our favorite daily soap time.

And again, it’s Hero presenting to you the most amazing 11-day journey into the World of Hockey, The Hero Asia Hockey World Cup 2017.

The Hockey Asia Cup is an International Men’s and Women’s Field Hockey Tournament governed by the Asian Hockey Federation, also commonly called as the ASHF. Introduced in the year 1985, the tournament has been a platform for the budding and youthful talent from different nations to portray their skills and play on an International platform.

Ever since the introduction the Hero Asian Hockey World Cup has been gathering a lot of attention. All because of the number of participating Nations that kept on increasing, raising the game’s standard and thus in turn expectations of all its followers.

A Little Stats: Past Scores

Looking at the past Cups and their winners, we have South Korea on the peak, having won the title 4 times, followed by India and Pakistan 3 times.

The rest of the nations having secured the Runners-up and Third places respectively.

There are other nations who have a streak for the Runners and Third place, such as India standing as the Runners-up 5 times, Malaysia once, Pakistan thrice, and South Korea once for Second place.

For the Third place the consistent winners South Korea having the highest number along with Pakistan, making it a thrice, India and Malaysia once, and China twice.

Hero Asia Hockey World Cup 2017

Scheduled from 11th to 22nd October, the 11 day Tournament was held in the Maulana Bhashani countrywide Hockey Stadium in Dhaka, returning to Bangladesh for the first time considering 1985.

After the tedious schedule of 11 days, and the pool matches the scorecard is as mesmerizing as it seems. With a number of the international’s most talented hockey athletes on display, the tournament was a fierce one indeed. It was an International elegance, a sporting spectacle for the lovers who witnessed the movement at Dhaka’s significant Maulana Bhashani national Stadium.

In addition to the race to be crowned champions of Asia, there is also the small count number of a ticket to next yr’s Odisha Hockey men’s International Cup Bhubaneswar 2018 on providing the winner.

at the same time as International Cup hosts India had been joined via fellow Asia Cup competitors Malaysia and Pakistan at next yr’s international showpiece thanks to strong showings in the latest Hockey world League Semi-final events, for the opposite competing countries – the Hero Asia Cup 2017 represents one final possibility to claim that price ticket to Bhubaneswar and subsequently hold any wish of world Cup glory alive.

It was on 22nd October, the final match between India and Malaysia was held. The match presented in itself the most spectacular aggression and was indeed a nail-biting scenario for every individual who was watching the match.

It became the most apprehensive and deciding 10 mins for the Indians as Malaysia mounted attack after assault searching for an equalizer.
With three minutes from the hooter, Malaysia withdrew goalkeeper Subramaniam for an additional player however the flow failed to yield preferred end result as the Indians controlled to keep directly to their lead for a well-known victory.

And it was after a decade of waiting for the Indian fans that the Team and Nation, in turn, won the Hero Asia Hockey World Cup.

For the Indian Victory and for us all, a round of cheers and Good Luck for Asia Cup in 2018.


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