Lesser known Sports In India you need to know about! (Part 2)

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It’s been long that we updated our knowledge about any other sports that are less famous in India and are yet way cooler than any other sports we know of. Following the pursuit, we’re once more here to raise your curiosities and satisfy your hunger to know more.

The flip side of every coin, that is, some sports are being celebrated worldwide whereas some are merely played for fun and enjoyment. What more to say, when such a situation is already a sad one. We are still away and unknown to many sports that might be more fun and lovable than any other we know of or can possibly think of.

Here’s a list of such sports, lesser-known but capable to blow your mind:

Thang Ta

The sword, spear and ax game, native to Manipur is an aggressive yet portraying subtle technique of self-defense in the most lucrative manner.
The techniques are often well-rehearsed and take years to master. Another variation of the sport is called Sarit Sarak, where the competitors fight without using any arms, just their bare hands.
It was until this game where Bare hands never looked so capable.

Vetrukkaal Seval Porr

One of the oldest spectator sports activities, this is largely a variant of the famous Persian cock-fighting. roosters are thrust into warfare till one of all them either dies or its proprietor admits defeat and pulls it out earlier than more harm is accomplished. It has an alternative Pokemon-y sense to it, wherein the 2 fowl owners throw the animals into warfare and they start attacking till one of them is critically injured. To make matters worse, a number of the owners connect blades to the legs in their animals, and the blood-fest is surely cheered on through the group.

But, by writing about the sport, we do not intend to promote activities that might cause harm to animals in any form. It is our rightful duty to save animals from any harm that may come. Being responsible humans is what will change our society for better. The game has been played for quite long and serves as a source of entertainment for many. But as a suggestion, can’t we look for an alternative approach to the game, wherein animals won’t be harmed and non-living things might be used instead?


Thoda is a traditional martial artwork native to the state Himachal Pradesh which is contested among a collection of human beings. One guy holds a bow and arrow and the opposite wears a thick protection on his legs underneath the knee. What’s the goal?
To hit the other individual underneath the knee with an arrow of direction. All whilst the other man or woman tries to move and stay clear of it. The conventional tune is played and the individuals dance around and experience the sport while the gang cheers them on as they are trying and shoot arrows at every different. The individual with the maximum greatest hits wins.

Naga Wrestling

In the majestic game of Naga Wrestling, the members begin with catching the other contestant’s waist belt. once the referee alerts the start of a game, the 2 competitors try to discard the other one. They are allowed to use a number of tactics such as the use of legs and also muscular force. The wrestler, who turns into a success to throw the opponent to the ground, is asserted as the winner of the fit. However, the wrestler ought to ensure that the trunk of the opponent has touched the floor.


Indian-fashion fencing is probably the high-quality manner to describe Silambam, a game that dates again to the era of Pandya kings. Opposing members drape themselves in conventional-put-ons that include turbans, langots, sleeveless vests and a chest defend for safety.

The aim of the sport is to the touch an opposing participant’s frame with a staff called Silambameven as he dodges and maneuvers to avoid the contact; the player receiving the maximum touches loses the game. The staffs are covered with a sticky substance to make it smooth to pick out the range of instances a participant has been touched.

There are some sports that rather bring up an aggressive and inhuman side we tend to follow just because we seem to be having fun. This isn’t so!

Sports provide a way to channel out every excess energy we possess and makes you come out as a better and glorified person. A human who has consideration for other humans and animals as well. A human who knows to be human!


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