Millennials taking over Football rather than Cricket

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There are so many sports and games out there, but only a few get celebrated. Those celebrated sports are only because of a certain age group of people who have defined and brought about a new edge altogether to them. Cricket and Football being top in the list of the celebrated games, seem to have undergone a transition in the recent years.

What is the transition about?

The transition is because of many factors such as the taste of the game, lifestyle of people, or maybe just because of the fact that people need a new amusement. Another sport to ponder over, discuss, share knowledge or play competitively over online platforms.

The transition emerged as a result of the fact that the games kept on improving and ultimately the graph went higher up! The change is that the millennial are shifting over to football and have started to lose their interest in cricket.

This is a crazy streak which is noticeable and quite evident now more than ever after India became the host for U-17 FIFA World Cup 2017. The massive crowd, unexpected cheer and the enthusiastic zeal among the spectators revealed the fact that this is something we enjoy and will enjoy for a long time to come!

The level of enthusiasm has never been seen in any of the cricket matches held in the recent times, and that is something worth the count.

What might have caused Football to take over Cricket?

     1. All-weather Game

Football is considered as robust as the weather gets. Be it rain, hail, heat and so many verse situations, the game is still on!!

Whereas, if it happens in case of cricket, the match is either postponed or held for the time being.

      2. Time is an important factor

For cricket, it might happen that the game continues for days, and the players keep scoring.

Well, have a great time staying up for a single match and wait for the winner after many days.

On the other hand, Football is Strictly a 90-minute game, or in some cases even a little more. The maximum limit might reach up to 6 hours or so.

      3.  Referees vs Umpires

Beginning with cricket, the game has an umpire whose job is to stand at just one place and make decisions. Their decision, most of the time is faulty and needs clarification. Then comes into play a Second or a Third Umpire, depending on the situation.

Football has a referee. He’s as active as any other player on the field, with all his instincts and intellects intact and active!

He’s to look out for much more than what an Umpire does. Fouls, penalties, yellow cards and so much more with the running. Despite any of this, their decisions are accurate.

         4. World Wide Appeal and approach

Many have read and others researched to know the actual data, but it is true that Football has a much wider scope if taken on the International platform.

It is a well-known fact that every country has their own International Football team, whereas it is only 12 proper Nations that are into cricket and have continued the streak for many years.

         5. Terminology and equipment


Indeed cricket is a complex game if looked upon its technicality and tactics. Football has only the offside rule which is a little complex to understand, otherwise, everything goes fine. There are so many things to take care of while playing and pursuing cricket as a sport whereas to play football.

You just need a ball and a field. Done, ahaa!

It is some of these points mentioned here and a lot out there that are responsible for the significant change in the choices of the Millennials. This generation prefers ease, and if the game gives them that, they’ll happily choose that!

It’s all about choices. This particular generation is a little scattered in regards to everything they like, dislike and yes that is bound to be. Because we’re all human beings with different tastes and opinions.

So some part of this millennial generation wants to partner with cricket, whereas the others want to partner with Football.

Are you ready with your partner?

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