Paralympic Games: A parallel to Olympics!

Explosive start of athlete with handicap

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“I lost my leg aged five…Now I’m 1.9 seconds behind Usain Bolt.”, said Jonnie Peacock.

Most of you by now must be thinking who is Jonnie Peacock, aren’t you?

So let me end your curiosity here. Jonnie Peacock is an English Sprint runner, and an amputee. Yes, you heard right. He’s an amputee but still 1.9 seconds behind Usain Bolt. That’s what he is, a motivation for all, an inspiration and giving out a strong message to all those out there who think their lives have come to an end because of some injury or being amputated because of prolonged illness or something.

No, people you need to understand what a miracle life is and if you lose one thing, you get another. Getting another doesn’t mean getting the same thing back, no offense, but it is often said that, “It is not necessary what you lose may get back to you in same form, but it will eventually come back to you”.

It is when people lose all hope, sport comes to their lives as a savior. It is for all the physically challenged people who are and were into sports before, but now see their life as dull and non sporty.

Paralympic Games: Parallel Space to Olympics

Where we’re all busy looking and consumed by the Olympic Games, there exist a much more engaging and inspiring set of games termed as Paralympics. It is filled with inspiring stories hidden behind the courageous faces of athletes.

Paralympics as the name suggests, is an International multi-sport event which is for athletes with a range of disabilities, ready to use them to their advantage.

Paralymic Games

The aim of the games is to promote fairness, eliminate discrimination against people with physical challenge, and to permit anyone to participate in incapacity sport. There square measure Winter and Summer Paralympic Games, that since the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea.

This magnificent game is followed immediately after Olympic Games. And all Paralympic Games square measure ruled by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Let’s look at some of the Paralympic Stars

Jonnie Peacock (Britain- Athletics)


Elizabeth Marks (USA – Swimming)

Daniel Dias (Brazil – Swimming)

Markus Rehm (Germany – Athletics)

Melissa Tapper (Australia – Table tennis)

Jason Smyth (Ireland – Athletics)

Extreme Right, on the run is Jason Smyth

Marlou van Rhijn (Netherlands – Athletics)

Libby Kosmala (Australia – Shooting)

Zahra Nemati (Iran – Archery)


Tatyana McFadden (USA- Athletics)

Paralympic Game

These are some examples, that are more than a legend in their experiences enough. Why go looking elsewhere for inspiration when sports is everything to provide you. Why go looking for courage when sports lets you have it with complete enthuse.

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