Looking for reasons to quit sugar? We’ll tell you many!

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Sugar, hmmm sounds tasty even before adding to any dish. Add to any dish you want to make it sweet in the right amount and there you go… You’ve got a better version of the dish altogether. There are many people who have a habit of having something sweet right after they’ve finished a meal and that portion of sweet becomes an indispensable part of their lives. And there comes a day where those small portions of sweet and sugar get large enough to cause harm.

Before it’s too late, get a hold of your craving for sugar and sugary items. And why are we saying so? Well here are many reasons to quit sugar!!

Reason 1: Impacts our Immune System.

When we eat something sweet, the pancreas releases insulin to reduce the elevated blood sugar and deliver it to the cells. Insulin inhibits the release of human growth hormone, which depresses the immune system, making us less equipped to fight off infections and viruses. Sugar also raises our risk of many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Reason 2: Makes you fat

Sugar does not have any redeeming qualities. There are no vitamins or minerals to brag about. All you are getting is empty calories. And those empty calories are going to turn to fat. That fat will especially settle around your midsection, which can be super stubborn to remove.

Reason 3: It ages you.

Ladies quit immediately! It does age you. It creates advanced glaciation end-products, which damages the collagen and elasticity in our skin, thereby sagging it and making it look more wrinkled.

Reason 4: Hinders your food choice.

When you succumb to sugar, your body will also crave empty carbs in the form of other junk food. This is the same as when you make healthy choices, it usually leads to more healthy choices. By decreasing your intake, your body will start to crave the good stuff, like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. You won’t even want sugary snacks after a while.

Reason 5: Tooth decay.

Remember the days when your mother used to scold for eating too many sweets and sugary items. And you thought she’s lying to keep you away from sweets. She knew the reason and hence would stop you. The link between sugar and tooth decay is well established and studies show if its percentage is below 5%, then you might be safe!

Reason 6: Hampers your ability to think and learn.

According to UCLA study, it has been revealed that diets that contain a high level of fructose can impair the ability to learn and remember. Whereas as a counter, a diet rich in omega-3 can reduce the damage.

Reason 7: Kidneys.

The kidneys play an important role in filtering your blood sugar. Once blood sugar levels reach a certain amount, the kidneys start to let excess sugar into your urine. If left uncontrolled, diabetes can damage the kidneys, which prevents them from doing their job in filtering out waste in your blood. This can lead to kidney failure.

Reason 8: Hampers your sexual life.

Studies reveal a common side effect of chronically high levels of sugar in the bloodstream is that it can make men impotent. This is because it affects your circulatory system, which controls the blood flow throughout your body and needs to be working properly to get and keep an erection.

Reason 9: Liver

An abundance of added sugar may cause your liver to become resistant to insulin, an important hormone that helps turn it into your bloodstream into energy. This means your body isn’t able to control your blood sugar levels as well, which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

If these aren’t enough to raise your guard against sugar, then get going to a doctor and he’ll tell you more about it.

And if you do, then consume it in a limited amount and you’ll lead a happier and healthy life.


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