Virat Kohli: From Perilous Days To Being Celebrated Worldwide!

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We’re all diehard fans of the recent record breaker and old but giving jitters just like a new crush, Virat Kohli. After the epic 100, and making it to second place for scoring most 100s in the ODI matches, he’s not only surpassed all expectations but has been a dynamic and most inspirational celebrity of all times.

But inspiration, what could inspire us apart from his tough game regime and schedule?

It is the way he’s lead his life and following the pursuit, the simplicity and down to earth nature, consistency, discipline, aggressiveness, commitment and so much more to learn from the sports star.

These qualities can be instilled in a person through continued effort and persistence.

But let’s take a look at the journey of this charismatic young sports star who achieved fame and glory in such a short span of time and such a young age!

And the journey begins:

Born and brought up in Delhi, the aggressive cricketer has origins intact in his portrayal of game and himself. It is said about a person’s traits, they are visible at a very young age and so does their inclinations. And so happened for our beloved Virat. At a very young age of 3, he showed an affinity for cricket and its way of the game. He used to ask his dad to bowl for him and then take up the bat and try to flare his skills.


Growing up from being a toddler to a young and jubilant child he started playing with the kids from near his place in the alleyways and then on the journey for fame began. Not that he knew back then about it, but who doesn’t like being praised for their skills. And then on people started to take notice of his playfulness and curt hand in the mere bat and ball game. Coming down to his father and requesting him not to let his child’s talent go wasted, people were mystified at the batting skills the young boy had. The glam boy’s father understood this and supported Virat in his pursuit.

Thus the 9-year boy started to train for the love he held for his game and so ticked the clocks for the boy to get older and touch the skies. But to be a diamond one has to go through tough times first, so did he. Unfortunately, suffering from a brain stroke Virat’s father passed away leaving the family amidst the turmoil.

But it wasn’t long after the tragic incident that he was getting noticed by the local scouts. He performed for Delhi U-15 team for the first time in October 2002 in the 2002-2003 Polly Umriger Trophy. Scoring the very best number of runs that year, he was made the Captain for the following year. in the 2003-2004 Polly Umrigar trophy, he scored a hefty of two centuries and two Fifties, totaling 390 runs in 5 innings. It was in the later days of 2004 that he became an individual member of the U-17 Delhi Cricket Team for the Vijay Merchant Trophy paving his way to the glorious Indian U-19 team for England tour in the year 2006.



Slowly and with the consistency he scored and roared!

The real test for him was when his father passed away and yet he played and displayed his passion for his father with his bat and made everyone look at him with awe and pride in their eyes. This was the time when his game and mindset actually took a turn and headed for maturity and sense of responsibility.

Later in the year 2007, India U-19 group toured Sri Lanka, playing in a triangular series alongside Sri Lanka U-19s and Bangladesh U-19s. He scored 146 runs in the five ODI fits, and in the take, a look at the collection made his way to glory and was announced as the Captain of Indian U-19 team in the year 2008.

Later following the pursuit in July 2008, he was picked under the 30 men squad for ICC Championship to be held that year.

Due to the postponement of the Championship, India toured for ODI series to Sri Lanka and he was called in to play as Sehwag and Tendulkar were unavailable! Since then on the player got praised and raised for his skills and has marked the top this day!

It is due to his persistence, hard work, and discipline that he’s reached the top mark and is not coming down any soon!!


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